Shiftmate 4

Shiftmate 4

Jtek Shiftmate 4 picture
Jtek Shiftmate 4

This model is for mating older Pre-2001 8 & 9 speed Campagnolo components with Shimano 8 & 9 speed components. You can also match newer Campagnolo 11 speed with Shimano 10 speed components.

Using a ratio changing pulley, the ShiftMate adapts different component brands and models to make the proper correction in the amount of cable pull needed for perfect shifting. There are no comprimises when using a ShiftMate. Your shifting will perform equally or better than original factory components.

ShiftMate features and benefits:
CNC machined
Sealed ball bearing
Reduces cable friction and cable housing length
Wide range of component mates & interfacing
Small compact design only 12 grams
Save money by upgrading over time or using components and wheelsets you already own.

ShifterDerailleurCassette type and speedPulley groove size that cable enters
Shimano 8 speedPre 2001 CampagnoloCampagnolo 8 speedSmall
Shimano 9 speedPre 2001 CampagnoloCampagnolo 9 speedSmall
Campagnolo 8 speedShimano road to 10*, MTB to 9 speedShimano 8 speedLarge
Pre 2001 Campagnolo 9 speedShimano road to 10, MTB to 9 speedShimano 9 speedLarge
Campagnolo 11 speedShimano road to 10*, MTB to 9 speedShimano 10 speedLarge
SRAM road 10 speedShimano road to 10*, MTB to 9 speedCampagnolo 10 speedSmall
Shimano road 10 speedCampagnolo 10 speedShimano road 10 speedSmall
Shimano road 11 speedSRAM road 10 speedSRAM 10 speedSmall
Shimano road 11 speedSRAM road 11 speedShimano or SRAM 11 speedSmall
SRAM road 11 speedShimano road 11 speedShimano or SRAM 11 speedLarge
Campagnolo 10 speedCampagnolo 10 speedShimano 7 or 8 speedSmall

All Shimano derailleurs (road up to 10 speed, mtn up to 9 speed) are functionally the same, except for Dura-Ace 8 speed. Concern needs only to be given to cage widths. Avoid using a narrower cage with a wider chain size.

*Except Shimano Tiagra 4700 10 speed shifters and rear derailleur

2001 and newer Campagnolo shifters and derailleurs are not compatible with older versions.