Double Control model L

Jtek DoubleControl L Cable Doubler picture

Double Control model L

Double shifting input controller

Now people with clip on aero bars can shift from multiple locations!

The DoubleContol model L (long pull) is a brand new cable splitting invention designed to allow you to combine two shifting levers for control of shifting your bike. Folks with clip-on’s can now shift while riding in their aero bars just like the people with dedicated time trial bikes, plus they can also still use their drop bar shifter too!

Super light weight, only 16grams
Best of both worlds: shifting in aero position or using dropped bar shifters
Clean and small design
Works with both front and rear shifters

The DoubleControl L will work with both Campagnolo and Shimano Shifting systems. When combining shifters, both shifters have to be of the same brand and speed.
The DoubleControl L is designed to allow one shifter to have total control while the other shifter rests in the highest gear. Shifting of both shifters at the same time is not recommended.