Jtek Titanium Seat Post for Brompton

Jtek Titanium Seat Post for Brompton

Light weight Titanium seatpost that has a built in seat clamp.
Available in 520mm and 580mm.

Weight 520mm 307g
Weight 580mm 323g

Requires a 4mm Allen key to assemble.
Recommended maximum rail clamp torque of 5Nm.
Max rider weight 100Kg

Saddle not included.

Eccentric Front Mech Shim 28.6 to 34.9

Jtek Eccentric Front Mech Shim

Designed for fitting a 34.9mm front mech on a 28.6mm frame allowing adjustment outside of the mech’s normal range front to back and/or in and out, ie moving the effective range of the cage nearer the frame or further out.

Made from plastic flexible enough to open to 29mm and snap around the down tube.

Shiftmate 8A

Jtek ShiftMate Barrel picture

Designed for mixing Shimano 11 speed road STI with Shimano 11 speed MTN derailleur.
This allows you to use drop handlebars with off road gearing, as on cyclocross bicycles.

To use straight handlebars on an 11 speed road bike fit the Shiftmate at the shifter.
This allows Shimano 11 speed MTN shifters to work with Shimano 11 speed road derailleurs.

Brass Ping Bell fits Ahead Steerer Tube

45mm brass dome bell with ping type spring striker. Fitted to an alloy ring which replaces a headset spacer on regular 1 1/8 inch (28.6mm) steerer tubes. Fits left or right.

Mech Verter

This device converts top pull front derailleurs to bottom pull and bottom pull front derailleurs to top pull.
Available in 3 sizes 28.6, 31.8 and 34.9mm clamp diameter.
Pulley wheel has plastic shield to fend off dirt and grime.
CNC machined AL6061 T6 alloy in black finish with silver Jtek logo.

Cable Splitter for Gear Inner Wire

Jtek Cable Splitter picture

Gear cable connector with single grub screw. Top quality, aluminium. Accept one open end, and one gear nipple.
Accepts 1.1mm or 1.3mm gear wire.

Cable Splitter for Inner Brake Wire

Jtek Cable Splitter picture

Brake cable connector with two opposed grub screws. Top quality, aluminium. Accept one open end, and one pear brake nipple.
Accepts 1.6mm gear wire.