Jtek Q+ Pedal Extenders 9/16 Inch

Jtek Q+ Pedal Extenders 20mm picture

No nonsense good quality pedal extenders from Jtek.
If you need a slightly more toe out foot riding position to relieve knee pain or to reduce heel rub on your crank arms try these pedal axle extenders.

– For 9/16 inch pedal threads
– Cr-Mo Steel
– Per Pair

Dynamo Headlamp Bracket

Jtek Alloy Dynamo Headlamp Bracket M5 Fork Crown Mounting picture

Jtek Alloy Dynamo Headlamp Bracket M5 Fork Crown Mounting – Black

V-brake or cantilever compatible. ***NOT FOR B+M OVAL Plus*** V-brake or cantilever brake (with spacing adaptor) compatible. High quality CNC’d alloy headlight bracket, anodized black. Includes: M5 x 20mm socket allen key bolt (for use with V-brake equipped cycles), M5 x 40mm socket allen key bolt and alloy spacer (for use with Cantilever equipped cycles), M6 x 25mm button head allen key bolt / 2 x M6 washers / 1 x M6 nylock nut (for headlight mounting). Unlike pressed steel headlight brackets this tough bracket will not fatigue and fail from road vibrations.

Jtek for Brompton Extra Light Front Hub

Jtek for Brompton Extra Light Front Hub picture

Narrow front hub for folding bikes, only 74mm wide between the outer lock nuts.
Quality sealed bearing hub with an 8mm axle. (to fit 8mm dropouts)
Replacement bearing our part 37283.
This superlight front hub will fit Brompton front forks, it’s 75grams lighter than the standard Brompton hub and has much lower rolling resistance.

22.2mm Thumb Mount Adaptor

Jtek 22.2mm Thumb Mount Adaptor picture

This allows the Jtek shifters to be mounted in a thumb style position giving the rider various mounting positions and more interchangeable options with Jtek shifters.

This adaptor is only compatible with Jtek shifters.

Extension mounted AeroBrake

Jtek AeroBrake Brake Lever picture

A great way to add a 3rd or 4th brake lever to your aerobar’s

Super light weight only 32 grams per lever!
Clamp mounting on 22mm to 22.2mm (7/8″) aerobar extensions and clip-on
High quality CNC precision machined parts
Unique offset design allows easy cable bypass routing with shifters.

The Jtek clamp on AeroBrake is designed to mount on aerobar extensions. The levers are installed and tied into your current braking system using the DoubleControl cable splitter. One or two levers can be added to your system depending on rider needs and preferences.

Double Control Model S

Jtek DoubleControl S Cable Doubler picture

The DoubleContol cable splitter is a new and totally unique concept. It weighs just 12 grams and is super small and compact. It’s versatile in that it can be mounted in a variety of locations including: inline, on top of the brake calliper, or at cable stop locations. It requires no internal springs and allows both brake levers to operate totally independent of each other while maintaining the same feel and function of a single brake lever system.

Double Control model L

Jtek DoubleControl L Cable Doubler picture

Double shifting input controller

Now people with clip on aero bars can shift from multiple locations!

The DoubleContol model L (long pull) is a brand new cable splitting invention designed to allow you to combine two shifting levers for control of shifting your bike. Folks with clip-on’s can now shift while riding in their aero bars just like the people with dedicated time trial bikes, plus they can also still use their drop bar shifter too!

Super light weight, only 16grams
Best of both worlds: shifting in aero position or using dropped bar shifters
Clean and small design
Works with both front and rear shifters

The DoubleControl L will work with both Campagnolo and Shimano Shifting systems. When combining shifters, both shifters have to be of the same brand and speed.
The DoubleControl L is designed to allow one shifter to have total control while the other shifter rests in the highest gear. Shifting of both shifters at the same time is not recommended.


Jtek AeroBrake Bar End Brake Lever picture

Bar end shifter mounted braking system.
Now you can have added braking control and safety right at your fingertips!

The AeroBrake system is a brand new concept for bicycle brake control. Finally there’s a great solution for braking control while in your aerobar’s. Not only will riders benefit from the added safety aspect of always having brakes at your fingertips, you will also gain speed through smarter brake control and modulation. No more having to sit up each and every time you need your brakes. Now you can enter corners with greater confidence knowing that you can precisely regulate your speed while remaining in your tuck. The AeroBrake system will help you ride faster by reducing over-braking tendencies and allow you to stay in a more aerodynamically efficient position for greater periods of time.

Offers clean cable routing.
Great for team time trials and holding tight drafting positions.
Ideal for triathlons where position control is critical to avoid drafting situations.
Huge benefits for racing technical courses and more efficient corner braking.
Super lightweight levers are only 28grams each, far lighter than any brake lever currently sold.

7 Speed Bar End Shifter for Shimano

Jtek 8 Speed Bar End Shifter picture

For Shimano Nexus Internal Hubs

– Super light weight only 64 grams making it the lightest bar-end shifter on the market
– 24mm & 22.2mm clamp-on design. Easy installation eliminates the need for disassembly to install
– High quality CNC precision machined parts.
– Sealed ball bearings and ultra smooth ramped profile indexing

Finally a shifting solution for people who want to use internal hubs with drop-bar, road bike style handle bars. It features a clamp-on mounting design which will fit standard diameter 24mm or 22.2mm handle bars with included spacer clamp shim.